ECO YACHT 110' : Pajot Custom Yachts announces a partnership with the WIDER shipyard

After unveiling the “Eco yacht” project back in June, Marc Pajot is today announcing a collaboration with the Italian shipyard “WIDER” for the construction of a radically innovative and ecological catamaran superyacht.
The Ancona-based shipyard, headed up by Marcello Maggi, was chosen for the extreme quality of their aluminium Superyachts, but also for their “Born Electric” strategy and their ergonomic vision of interior layouts and comfort on board superyachts.
For ten years now, WIDER has been one of the first to build large environmentally friendly superyachts thanks to a hybrid Diesel-Electric propulsion transmitted by Pod. The pertinance of their concepts has been recognised by numerous awards, including the “RINA Green Plus”.  The expertise acquired with specialised partners now enables them to drastically reduce fuel consumption and to envisage a zero-emissions yacht with 100% electric operation within five years. 

This first phase of this collaboration also includes the interior design. Centro Stile Wider, under the direction of Michèle Lubrano, is engaged in the study of different layout plans according to the owner's programme. 3D renderings now reveal the exceptional level of finishes. In addition to the aft VIP Beach club cabins, two charter versions, either with two VIP cabins on the main deck or a huge deck saloon, are being presented. An owner's suite in one hull or a master suite are also offered as an alternative as well as an interior helm station. The interior layout and style are “custom” and can be adapted to be exclusive and to match the owner's personality.
The integration of the Wider shipyard with the team of specialists involved in the development of the PAJOT Custom YACHTS Catamaran 110 reinforces the cohesion of this yacht, a real concentrate of new concepts and innovations.

The boomless mainsail concept, which is very simple and safe to use, combined with a diesel-electric Pod powertrain and green energy production, gives this yacht the ability to really move: she’ll be fast, economical, silent and ecological. Under sail and/or motor, average speeds of 15 knots will be easily achievable with a very large range, and total stability, without vibrations and with the comfort of a luxuriously appointed platform of over 200 m². Approaching the coast or the shoreline, the 100% electric powertrain with zero CO2 emissions for 30 miles contributes to well-being on board and corresponds to the future zero-emissions requirements in ports which is on the horizon for 2030.